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Reasons to buy an electric car Reasons to buy an electric car
15 December

Why is it so profitable to buy an electric car?

Electric autos become very popular. More and more car enthusiasts give preferences to electric car models, moreover their price becomes low down and they begin to be more available.

The advantages of electric cars

Undoubtedly gasoline-engine and flame-engine cars are popular than an electric at this moment. But 2018 year is coming and technologies don’t rest on. Already now an electric transport is developing and taking the first places in the world, not only as an economic and eco transport, but as a comfortable and convenient transport too.

Now we’re looking into a few advantages:

  • A full ecologic – safety and reliable motor without emissions and carbon monoxide.
  • A perfect variant for driving in a city. One-time accumulator charging is enough for 400km. In the middle a race of this car will depend on a motor power, anyway it completes no less than 200 km with a full charge.
  • The motor more durable, than the gasoline-engine.
  • The higher efficiency than a simple auto.
  • Nothing abnormal noises with moving.
  • A flexibility – almost all cars have a compact size and it’s convenient to move the city and traffic jams.
  • There is a magneto-electric automotive brake – it’s extra application of brakes which makes higher a reliability and a safety.

Hybrid auto is universal, reliable, safety and ecologic type of transport. In spite of a high price, this kind of a transport is very economy. Sure to charge the car is cheaper, than bye a full gas tank. Electric charge stations are developing in Ukraine. And now you can do it without any difficulties.

Where can you quickly charge your electric car? Where can you quickly charge your electric car?
15 December

Where can you charge your electric car?

Electric cars are popular in all the world with their advantages. The world’s market always develops, particularly every country has right mains of charging which can help you charge your auto.

Fueling an accumulator

There is an opinion, that it’s so hard to charge a car. But it’s not truth. One of advantages of electric auto is an ability to “fueling” it in every electric mains. No matter if it can be the house socket or a special charging station.

Thus the quantity of electric autos is extremely coming up every day in Ukraine, the campaign ECO CARS presents a fast charging ability of your car. A term of Nissan Leaf full charge from the 32A mains can be 3,5 hours. Now, you can see some charges stations of leading manufacturer:

· ABL – the German’s concern, which present wide range of choice of the charging station in the world.

· Keba – the Austerity’s campaign and major European supplier of electric charges stations in Ukraine.

· Schneider Electric – the French company, which supplies the stations in all Europe.

Value of charging depends on the next features:

· A model of an electric car

· A way of charging

· A quantity of taking energy

· Time of charging

Free charging stations are also very popular. Everyone can charge his car without problems.

Special aspects of electro car’s charging

There is a few type of charging:

Mode 1 – the standard type. It’s a charge with commuted current from a household electrical system, when a cable plug in the simple socket without any addition protective devices. It doesn’t guarantee a safety in cause of superheat of a socket/cable or in the short circuit, so Mode 1 isn’t used in modern electrical autos. The time of charging of a simple electrical car with a battery in 20-25 kilowatt-hour completes 6-8 hours.

Mode 2 – the same as the Mode 1, but using the special cable with protection. It follows for avoiding a short circuit or superheat of a cable and simple light indicators help him and inform of a charging process.

Mode 3 – the charge with а high-quality commuted current using a certain socket, which is a charging station. It has a necessary protection, follows for processing of charging and it plugs in the special built cable which accords to the concrete electric auto connector. A Mode 3 socket can be installed everywhere: home, office or street. Depending on a type of using cable (1-phase or 3-phase) a charging can give from 7,2 to 43 kilowatts. According to it, the time of “fueling” of a standard modern electric car composes from 4 hours to a few minute.

For using this type of charging station, you need to use an access card (it is given by an administrator or a campaign). Now all public charging stations in Ukraine are free.

Mode 4 – now the fastest type of charging. The differences from earlier variants that it uses the permanent current. The popular Japanese standard of the charging station CHAdeMO gives about 62,5 kilowatts of energy, which allows you to charge an accumulator of a standard auto for 20-30 minutes.

​Electric car on leasing: execution without charges ​Electric car on leasing: execution without charges
22 November

Electric car on leasing: execution without charges

Do you want to have an ecologic and comfortable transport? Draw your attention to an auto with accumulator. Moreover, if the price on the electric car in Ukraine seems to go grate, don’t abandon the purchase. For every wish, it is useful to buy modern technic. Company Eco leasing offers to execute an auto on leasing. Dignified choice and low price will satisfy every consumer.

All you need to know about leasing: general definitions and views

It’s so hard to look for person, who used to purchase a loan finance. The grate appropriations as apartments or transports are needed in significant injections. The finance companies help automobilists to realize their wishes. They propose to use the transport already now.

Leasing is a hiring an electro car with the next buying proprietary. During the term of the agreement, you are payed a finance compensation as a regular payment. Leasing company buys the electro car over supplier and resign to consumer in a long-term using.

Law regiments all leasing companies in Ukraine.

Leasing is:

Operating – it’s a long-term offer, where you shouldn’t retire the transport after the finish of an agreement.

Financial – it’s a long-term assignment of a car in using on a fixed time with the payment of the regular payoff and the next giving to the consumer in property.

Financial and operating leasing: what’s the differences?

These objects have cardinal differences. And before the signing a contract you need to know in which arrangements a bargain is accomplished. The differences concern to terms and to provisions.

In the financial leasing, a company presents a car on affix term and orders the contract’s arrangements. During the contract you need to pay a payoff. After the end of a contract, a transport goes to consumer’s property, but it’s the provisions of contract you can pay a final payoff earlier and become an owner of a car. Founded with the regular payoff, a leaseholder takes a cost of a car and an auto owner is getting gradually his transport. This kind of lease is the same to credit, but the property during the contract belongs to a lease company. It’s given for a term during which a depreciation is no less than 75% from the initial cost.

In operating leasing a client pays the financial reward, using the transport during a fixed time and after the end of a contract returns the transport to a lease company. But if you wish to buy this car, you’re able to buy it with a residual purchase. This kind of leasing is comfortable for entrepreneurs, who deal with transporting and always up-date their auto parks. After an agreement’s finish is become. A car comes back to a lease company or the terms of hiring can be extended. An operating leasing is an acquaintance from the problems connected with technical equipment and repairing. All responsibility is lying on a leaseholder. You can change an auto or decline it with the operating leasing. Ukrainian government allowed the law about a financial leasing, but for operating leasing are applied simple laws about hiring auto of Ukrainian’s Constitution. For understanding a beneficial purchase, you need to know in which hiring’s term you need the auto. The quantity of payoff is very important too. All these aspects you need to consider while executing a lease agreement. The ability to ask questions, when you negotiate a bargain is not always possible.

Advantages of buying the electro car in leasing campaign

After executing an assignment, you can use the auto already now. A primary value furnishes you of necessary auto. The less sum of purchase is payed gradually and its system gives you an ability to accomplish the payoff without the damage for budget and enjoy a comfortable and ecological car. An execution of a short-term gives you chance to change the auto on more modern cars in the future.

The main accomplishments of buying electro cars on lease:

  • Ability to use the car without having a full sum
  • A big term of financial
  • Normal primal value
  • A supple system of regular payments
  • A fast accepting of a bargain solution
  • You can choose a new or a hailing car
  • The freedom from taxies and taking the heal with execution

In addition to a property which was bought on lease, wouldn’t be caption and the 3rd faces wouldn’t pretend on it.

How to buy electrical car on lease?

At the beginning, a consumer need to go to a company “Eco leasing”, where you get answers on your questions and get help with a choice of a car. You can check a leasing calculator, where you can count the diagram of payment by yourself.

In the leasing campaign you need to execute the contract. After the checking it, it’s possible to write an agreement between the consumer and leaseholder about buying-out the auto. You pay a primal payoff, then an insurance and registration of the car is executed and only after those a car spins-off to a consumer. The client pays regular payoff and after finishing these cash payments, the auto becomes the property of the consumer.

The schematic model is very easy and doesn’t call difficulties from the specialists of campaign “Eco Leasing”. The experienced stuff will be responsible for a registration and an insurance. The leasing seems to be very complicated on the first view. In the reality the procedure isn’t very difficult and cost-based. This bargain is very popular now and profitable for everyone.

​Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true! ​Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true!
14 November

Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true!

Electric cars have already become popular all over the world thank to their undeniable advantages. They are maneuverable, powerful and safe cars, which help us to care about environment because they do not produce any exhaust fumes.

Prices on electric cars

One of the disadvantages such cars is their price. If you need powerful, maneuverable and practice auto, it will cost you about 25 000 dollars. Price is quite big and not everyone can afford it even having a regular job. Of course, the cost of electric car is compensated quickly; you should only look at the prices on patrol and energy. Moreover, such models are being realized now, so you will not have any problems with charging – you can charge it by yourselves, although it can be longer and complicated. In addition, if you count maintains: gas-operated autos are often broken and they need regular MOT. It is easier with electro cars in this aspect and cheaper.

If you dream about buying electro car for a long time, but you are afraid of its price, you should to think of buying an auto on lease, the more so the Ukrainian legal system has added the new laws, which allow to make easier leasing for consumers. Thus, the dream about electric car can come true!

Advantages of buying a car for leasing

Taking electro car on lease has become real for everyone. It is necessary to reach the company “Eco leasing” and make a contract. There are a lot of advantages:

  1. Fast making a contract
  2. Acceptable and easy cooperation conditions for every consumer
  3. Minimum risks
  4. Fast preparation and registration of a car in applicable form.

You can estimate terms of payments and discuss them with a selling assistant by yourself. As well as while buying an electro car on lease, you can calculate all your payments, and you can calculate all your future interest rates. For this option use the online-calculator, which allows you to make all necessary settlements.

Campaign “Eco Leasing” offers for the consumers high-quality and profitable services. You can be sure on 100% in reliable and safe-confidant favors. Full guaranty and correlation without risks and danger. Your dream will sure come to reality.

What is needed after the appropriation?

After obtaining the electro car on lease, private individual or company must register the transport in applicable authority. Convention is needed to be accomplished on time, for avoiding poor fallouts.

For execution auto in the Interdistrict Registration and Examination Office (IREO) is appropriated to come through the next points:

  1. Registration
  2. Preparation of documents
  3. Service payment

For execution, the next documents are needed:

  1. Purchase and sale contract
  2. Compliance certificate
  3. Temporary license plate (if any)
  4. Customs freight declaration (over space internal frown foreign land)
  5. Personal data and fiscal number

Do not put away for later your dream, because you can buy an electro car right now!

Annual international exhibition "ECODRIVE 2017" Annual international exhibition "ECODRIVE 2017"
17 March

From 10 to 12 March specialized leasing company "ECO LEASING" together with partners participated in the international exhibition "ECODRIVE 2017", (International Exhibition Center in the Kyiv)/ There were presented the dealer of electric vehicles in Ukraine, as well as related equipment - charging stations and others.

Interest to such exhibitions and electric vehicles in Ukraine is growing, and the presence of special financial programs only promotes its development and allows many customers to manage electric vehicles today!

We are always open and glad to cooperate!

22 July

Компания Eco Leasing проводит Акцию - Новый VW Jetta 1.6 HDI A Trendline всего за 555 USD/Месяц.

Условия акции

  • Акционная ставка - 8,99%
  • Первый взнос – 30%
  • Ежемесячный платеж – 555 USD в месяц
  • Регистрация, КАСКО, ОСАГО, уплата в Пенсионный Фонд – включены платежи

Подробнее по поводу акции обращайтесь по телефонам указанным на сайте в разделах контакты!

14 March

Лизинговая компания Eco Leasing совместно с крупнейшим дилером электромобилей в Киеве, Львове и Одессе Eco Cars запустили программу лизинга электромобилей с 0% ставкой.